Green vs. Cheap

So these are my favorite jeans ever, SilverTab!!! They fit me perfectly and the cost a small fortune, well at least to me. Then I discovered a young ‘hip’ thrift store that specializes in good condition used name brand clothes. I can get a pair of my favorite jeans for $15.00-$20.00. After reading a bunch of blogs and such I also realized that this method of shopping is green as well. Buying someone Else’s cast-offs that would otherwise go in the trash is a two fold green. 1) We are not causing a big manufacturing plant to make more new jeans and 2) these jeans would otherwise be taking up space in the landfill.
Another example is Mark and my upcoming vacation. We rarely have a need for two large suitcases but this time we will need two. There is no use buying a $100.00 suitcase for MAYBE once per year so I decided to buy one from a thrift store. When I was talking about this with a friend she said I could just barrow hers. Yeah Free= Very Cheap and Very Green!
Think about things in your life that you could buy at a thrift store. My main advise to you would simply be to wash before you where/use.

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